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_____With over 20 years+ of experience in assisting senior executives in global companies, Chris Rothman has implemented strategic and organizational change that has allowed his clients to transform their approach to people, operations, and problem-solving in the Technology, Private Equity, and Finance sectors. This has given him the ability to find the most appropriate power points to create lasting positive change in companies of any size, permitting Chris to lead companies starting at less than one million dollars and increasing their revenue by 235%.


_____Working with predominantly complex global companies, Chris has driven large-scale business and organization transformation across many geographies, particularly North and South America, as well as managed over a dozen global projects by providing management consulting, creating models and programs that have proven to be profitable for clients. His list of clients has varied from small startup companies to large global companies, however, he prefers working with Fortune 1000 companies. He received his Bachelor of Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University in 1993 and also earned his Masters of Business Administration from Duke University in 2010. Chris is married to Vanessa and resides in San Francisco with his three children.




2008 – 2010
Duke University – Durham, NC

Master of Business Administration (MBA)


1989 – 1993
Stanford University – Stanford, CA

Bachelor of Management Science and Engineering (BS)



Project Management

M&A Advisor

Strategic Planning

Coding Skills







  • Provide personalized business outlooks and analysis to senior executive teams to overcome obstacles and promote growth to transform businesses as well as provide support through project management, team communications and coordination, presentation development, workshop support, and administration. Focus areas include operational strategy and management, financial analysis, and building business models and cases.
  • Recent engagements:
    • An assessment of the PMO organizations for a financial services company with objectives identifying opportunities for increased effectiveness and improved delivery.
    • Created granular business case for a portfolio of several products developed by a design firm for Fortune 1000 firm.


2008 – 2014

  • Responsibilities as Senior Management Consultant included working with clients to frame opportunities, identify challenges, architect solutions and mobilize individuals and teams to successfully work and succeed in complex environments.
  • Developed highly detailed analytical solutions and delivered focused roadmaps and recommendations that generated measurable and executable outcomes for clients, allowing an increase of revenue by 62% for one specific client.


1999 – 2008

  • Senior Project Manager specializing in change management consulting in industries including financial services, consumer products, and government, as well as, extensive experience in electronics and high technology. Created strategic operational initiatives, implemented innovative solutions and measured results early to ensure desired performance outcomes.
  • Accomplishments:
    •  Advised top level executives on key strategic decisions such as new product lines, product platforming and tactical product rationalization.
    • Created models and frameworks for financial and strategic analysis
    • Built programs to develop management and organization ownership for implementation of change, particularly in technology
    • Facilitated client teams to implement recommendations, organize and write proposals, and participate in new business development


1994 – 1999

  • Responsibilities as Management Consultant included program and project management, sale support, account strategy and team facilitation.
  • Accomplishments:
    • Established strong, stable client partnerships
    • Delivered technical training and project management training
    • Managed consulting staff, including task supervisor and performance reviews
    • Provided integrated application and quality tasks
    • Implemented major system releases reducing the operating cost for client by 28%



With a long record of successful projects, Chris has proven expertise in creating and conducting projects that have been both effective and cost-efficient. Not only can Chris offer a fresh perspective, but he can help you create and adopt a better-structured approach to future projects. PMP certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI®), Chris’s expertise lives the Finance, Technology, and Private Equity industries.


By developing and refining business processes that are clear, simple, and consistently applied throughout your organization, Chris can not only increase the strategic value of your business process efforts but also enhance your company’s ability to change and strengthen your company’s bottom line. With years of experience in several industries, Chris can provide the help you need to ensure the success of your company’s business process improvement.


Merging, blending, and harmonizing two organizations, cultures, and processes can be very challenging even for the most successful companies. Chris can help you every step of the way with pre and post-transaction support and services in evaluating and structuring opportunities across the risk/return spectrum. With a keen eye for details and careful planning, Chris will optimize your success with a structured approach that keeps stakeholders focused and informed and greatly reduces the risk of losing customers, employees, and suppliers.






Because all client’s needs are unique, Chris does not use fixed term contracts. Instead, he provides flexible, integrated and effective strategies that produce measurable results. Get in touch for more information about pricing

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M&A Advisory Case Studies
_______When two large divisions of a well-known non-profit organization were planning to merge, the CEO turned to Chris for help, knowing him from work they had done together previously. Chris knew this merger could be a success because the cultures of the two divisions were similar. However, the chain of command and responsibilities would change, and things wouldn’t be done “the way they had always been done.” Chris identified the critical factors that would impact the merger: weaving the two cultures together quickly, leading with one voice, setting a new vision, defining roles and ensuring that productivity and fundraising continued uninterrupted.

_______To set the tone for the new organization, each senior leader participated in Chris’s signature process that sets the basis for his M&A consulting. This process – involving individual interviews, in-depth feedback, and follow-up coaching sessions – is designed to examine how leaders think and accelerate their ability to focus on the good of the whole organization. The team learned what it means to perform at each level and as a group set a goal to move it.

_______The Result? The merger exceeded expectations – smooth and quick. At a time when fund-raising was down nationwide, the merged divisions surpassed their goals, the true proof of success. The new unit continues to work effectively with high hopes for the future.

Business Process Improvement Case Study
_______A multinational financial services company with $1.2 trillion in assets under management, and operations in more than 50 countries worldwide decided to launch a business process management (BPM) initiative. The goal was ambitious, however, it soon became apparent that this approach would not meet primary business objectives. Although a significant effort was put into creating over a 100 thousand process flow charts and publishing them for general employee access, the majority of these processes were out of date by the time they were mapped and the system had no way to correlate data or make visual comparisons.

_______The first step Chris took was to understand the performance of the business and then decide what the next set of actions would be. He realized that there were many issues in the technology department to overcome. The company was using multiple technology silos that each had different data formats and stores. Chris was able to successfully come up with one solution that was easy for each department of the company to use. He stood able to explain to the company that you can only improve business processes by measuring first, then basing intelligent decisions on those measurements.

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